The best refereeing experience out there

Unparalleled Access to Matches


Simple signup process. Subsidy of equipment. Unparalleled access to matches, regardless of geographic area, affiliation, previous skill level, or any other factors.  A PIN on the map where the centre circle is of the field (handy for venues with multiple fields), teams, and who you're reffing with. 

All Match Particulars in the Palm of your Hand


What does this match mean to the players? Am I likely to encounter any difficulties?  Are they just here to have fun? Clients provide descriptions of the significance of the match, so it's no longer a mystery until the match starts!

One Touch Notifications when things go wrong


Running late or can't make it? One touch and everyone is notified.  

Use your Smart Device to Referee


Browse for & express interest in matches, accept/decline match offers, withdraw from matches, let all parties know you're running late with one touch, check-in with your smart device upon arrival at the match, record the match on-the-fly, confirm match record with one touch, lodge complaints, file reports, and get paid; all on your smart device!

Laws of the Game Modifications in the Palm of your Hand


Refereeing multiple competitions simultaneously with differing LOTG modifications can get confusing.  Ignite Refereeing ensures that this never happens.  It's ALWAYS in the palm of your hand!

Unparalled Access to Feedback & Coaching


It is a condition of receiving match payments that referees provide each other with at least basic feedback when they work together.  Clients are provide feedback direct to you. This means you get coaching EVERY TIME YOU WALK OUT ONTO THE FIELD!

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