About Us

A better way to referee

Anyone anywhere can register their matches, and Ignite Refereeing will do the rest. 

Clients can request certain refereeing styles and approaches based on their outcomes. 

Referees get feedback every time they step out into the field. 

The latest technology and innovation

All referees receive a full Ignite Refereeing kit, with uniform, the required equipment, a communication headset, and everything they need to get out onto the pitch. 

Referees check-in via the app upon arrival at the venue, and the app notifies the client that the referee has arrived. 

Referees use the app as their record-keeping device during the match. After the final whistle, they upload the match record with a single tap, and it’s pushed to the client instantly. 

All parties are continuously kept in the loop throughout the entire process. After the match, all parties are invited to give feedback on each other. This helps referees improve and fine-tune their refereeing. 

Exciting innovative projects underway

Many more projects aimed at improving the referee experience are already underway. 

Stay tuned for details as they happen.