Bespoke refereeing

Hassle-free Referees


Get access to the largest pool of referees, with the largest pool of experience.  

Save Time and Energy


Organising matches?  Upload your match on the platform, and instantly get quality referees.  Referee payments are all taken care of, too!

Bespoke Refereeing Style


Do you want the referees to focus on player skill development, or just make sure everyone has a good time?  It's all up to you!

Additional Match Background Information


Is it the Confederations Cup, or a kick in the park?  Will there be bicycle kicks and studs to the face, or have they never played before?  All this is vital information that allow the referees to bring out the best in your matches.  

Specify Laws of the Game Modifications


Only with Ignite Refereeing do referees get a complete set of modifications for each specific match (if any).  Avoid on-field disputes and confused referees.

Provide Feedback Direct to Referees


The ability to provide constructive feedback direct to your match officials in a safe and non-confrontational manner, allowing it to more likely be taken on board.