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For Clients

Supplier of Quality Referees

Every match needs referees, and at Ignite Refereeing, we're here to help. 

We can supply quality referees for any match or tournament. 

Any Kind of Football

We can supply referees for outdoor football, futsal, and beach soccer; all with or without modifications to the Laws of the Game. 

Hassle-Free Referees

We take care of sourcing, allocation, communication, and payment of match officials for your matches. 

You will receive a tax invoice for every match, allowing you to claim referees as an expense on the books, maximising profitability of your match or competition. 

For Referees

Access to the latest technological aids

Referees need all the help they can get, and Ignite Refereeing aims to provide referees with the latest innovative technology to allow them to do their job the best. 

Access to a broad scope of matches

With the Ignite Refereeing app, you will have access to a myriad of matches of different football types. Outdoor, small-sided games, Futsal, Beach Soccer, it’s all on offer. 

Simply a better refereeing experience

You will be able to see all matches on offer, and you will be able to express interest in them through the app. There is no other platform out there that gives you access to such a variety of matches out there. 

For every match you referee through Ignite Refereeing, you will have an electronic copy of the laws and modifications (if any), you will be notified of any changes to match details or referees, and you will be paid your match fees electronically. 

After every match, you are invited to provide feedback on each other so everyone will better their skills. 

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